New: Introducing Justin Bieber Girlfriend collection


We’re very happy to announce today that we are now selling The New Girlfriend by Justin Bieber collection of perfumes, fragrances, hairsprays and body lotions.

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In our shop we have Girlfriend by Justin Bieber eau du parfume which is his new perfume. It smells of pink freesia and star jasmine and finish of warm vanilla orchid and sultry musk. It was a smell that has been selected by Justin Bieber himself. It is the perfect gift for any Justin Bieber fan or belieber, it is a gift for a teenage girl like no other. This comes in a 1.7 oz and 1.0 oz bottle



We have Girlfriend by Justin Bieber swept away hair mist which is a great smelling scented hair mist which gives your outfit that final touch.



We also have the touchable job lotion from Justin Bieber Girlfriend. This is a lovely smelling scented lotion.


We also have his someday collection available.